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    Ex-RCMP Member Get Apology For False Rape Charge

    John Hudak was an RCMP member working in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta back in 2000. An emergency room nurse, Mildred Johnson, accused Mr. Hudak of raping her, and subsequently Mr. Hudak was charged.

    While the matter seemed to have very poor evidence from the beginning, the matter did go to trial in Red Deer, Alberta. Hudak was acquitted in 2002.

    After a long period of time, the truth eventually came out. In fact, Ms. Johnson fabricated the story, and has since been convicted of perjury and uttering a forged document. Ms. Johnson received a six-month conditional sentence, and a year of probation.

    Obviously though, the experience has had a huge effect on the life of Mr. Hudak. He obviously lost his career, and there probably will always be questions about his character, all because of this incident.

    We have here an apology from Alberta Justice for the wrongful prosecution.

    We have also posted a story right here from Prime Time Crime which is a commentary web site about police issues, from ex-police officer Leo Knight.

    Sexual assault is a very serious offence, and the implications of such are devastating to anybody accused and / or convicted of this charge. This example demonstrates how important it is to get the truth BEFORE even attempting a conviction on this charge.

    Date of Story: Saturday, December 01, 2007
    Story Posted By: Ron Reinhold
    Source: RR/AB Justice/Prime Time

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