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Unfortunately, none of us live forever - be prepared!

Rainbow Private Investigations offers Estate Support as many people assume that only a law office can help prepare and witness a Personal Will, an Enduring Power of Attorney and a Personal Directive.

In actual fact, all an adult needs to have is another adult witness the signing of the will and verify that he/she actually is the person who he/she says she is. The legal industry always recommends that a Commissioner witness this signing as well. Our staff is Commissioners of Oaths.

Obviously, there is an accepted style and format of most wills, and we have the training to prepare wills to such a standard. We ensure our clients have his/her wishes for dissolution of their estate residue, and procedures upon death exactly documented to their wishes. This type of service is suitable for someone who knows what they want to do, and simply needs a trained person to prepare the paperwork and witness the signing of the will.

Rainbow Investigations has prepared wills and Power of Attorney documents that have been used by former clients as they have moved into their final years.

Once the documents are prepared exactly to your wishes, Rainbow Investigations will come to you with our Commissioners where ever you may be, to sign the documentation with our Commissioners. We always store securely a copy of your will in our office in case you will ever become misplaced.

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Rainbow Investigations can help you with the Estate Support Needs!

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