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Rainbow Investigations Affiliates

Our Trusted Affiliates!

The Affiliates listed below are parties that Rainbow Investigations trusts and continues to work with. Many of these affiliates have had several years of professional association with Rainbow Investigations.

Canadian Affiliates

Firm Location Website
GPS Tracking Centre Port Coquitlam, B.C. Website
CSI Investigations Halifax, Nova Scotia Website
Infinity Investigations Ltd. Toronto, Ontario Website
New Urban Registry Calgary, Alberta Website
Mayken Hazmat Solutions Calgary, Alberta Website
Hallmark Investigation Services Inc. Toronto, Ontario Website

US Affiliates

Firm Location Website
Advanced Surveillance Group Waukesha, WI Website
Lakeside Investigations St. Clair Shores, MI Website
Online PI Miami, FL Website
Gumshoe Detective Agency Inc. Auburn, CA Website
Owens OnLine Land O’ Lakes, FL Website

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