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Rainbow Investigations offers Litigation Support and has undertaken many investigations for law firm clients. Quite often we are asked to do the difficult process serving, where the other party has to be found or is not willingly going to accept being served documents.

We have provided service of documents in and around the Calgary area and for law firms throughout Canada. We do the Affidavit of Service ourselves, and we have Commissioners in our office to swear the oath. With other jurisdictions, there are some differences in the necessary affidavits – sometimes we have to get the affidavits notarized, but we have the access to lawyers to do such.

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Some of the other activities on behalf of law firm clients have included:

Taking statements from potential witnesses in personal injury files Undertaking specialized searches to determine a chronology of events, and reconstruction of a scenario Undertaking “role-plays” to determine what is really going Providing courtroom quality photographic evidence of objects of interest for exhibits – most recently a series of properties in and around Calgary Surveillance as needed


Recently Rainbow Investigations completed an investigation monitoring a business breakup where a party signed a non –compete clause, only to find the party using his garage as an office to compete directly against the other party…

Rainbow Investigations routinely finds those “difficult to serve” process serves throughout southern Alberta…

Rainbow Investigations recently completed a huge assignment for a Texas criminal office which included digging up previous lawsuits involving potential expert witnesses…

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Rainbow Investigations Mission Statement

To be an outstanding source of pertinent information about deceptive activities concerning business and/or personal financial or other issues, by means of investigation, research and directed communication.

The information, upon being furnished to our clients, and when appropriate, to legal, and enforcement organizations, can be applied and ultimately make a difference for our clients and for the community as a whole.

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