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Rainbow Private Investigations offers Land Title Registrations. The Land Titles Office is very specific with such procedures as land transfers, sale of properties, and the additions of caveats such as writs applied to land and security registrations. There is a good reason for Service Alberta to be diligent in this area as beginning about 2005 Alberta was subject to all kinds of real estate fraud.

Rainbow Investigations has prepared land transfer forms and has prepared and coached clients on how to fill in the supporting affidavits. We can also accompany the client to the Land Titles Office to be the witness to many of the legal documents that need to be signed in front of a Land Titles Officer.

Rainbow Investigations has registered security interests on land for furnace companies, water purification equipment, built-in air-conditioning units, among many other attachments. Having these security registrations is very protective of the client while their fixture still has debt.

Rainbow Investigations has applied dozens of writs to properties where the debtor has a judgment that has not been satisfied. These writs have greatly aided our clients in being able to eventually collect court judgments.

Finally, Rainbow Investigations will dialogue with associated law offices retained by the property owner when it becomes time to remove the caveat.

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Rainbow Investigations can help you with your Land Title Registrations!

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