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Dozen’s of people have used Rainbow Investigations successfully to do the paperwork for their divorces!

Rainbow Investigations does offer to prepare the court documentation, (approximately six documents), serve the other Party and do the filing of the documents at court for divorces. Most of our work here is in consensual “no-fault” divorces where the parties have lived apart for at least one year. In these cases, often there is already an agreement in place for such items as matrimonial property, and another splitting of assets.

The most important point to get started in this matter is that the parties are going to need their certificate of marriage, from wherever the marriage took place. As well, the party starting the divorce (the Plaintiff) will need a picture of the other party for the purpose of service.

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Divorce Filing Fees:

  • The court-filing fee for a divorce in Alberta is $260.00.
  • Rainbow Investigations professional rates for this service begin at $695.00 for the simple divorce cases.

Rainbow Investigations has also acted as agent for parties who have contentious issues in a divorce and can’t afford a lawyer. Our years of mediating civil claims allows us to be a good choice here.

Rainbow Investigations can help you with the Divorce Process!

Rainbow Investigations Mission Statement

To be an outstanding source of pertinent information about deceptive activities concerning business and/or personal financial or other issues, by means of investigation, research and directed communication.

The information, upon being furnished to our clients, and when appropriate, to legal, and enforcement organizations, can be applied and ultimately make a difference for our clients and for the community as a whole.

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