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Hire Rainbow Investigations to check out real estate
investment opportunities BEFORE you sign the dotted line!

Is the opportunity a legitimate real estate trust, or is it a scam?

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For $750, you receive the following for Investment Opportunity Investigations

  • Complete historical property searches on all offered properties
  • Realtor market survey of real value of properties offered
  • A complete listing of all regulatory requirements with the opportunity, and the level of compliance of the promoter
  • Complete background checks on the opportunity salespeople, and all directors and officers (criminal and litigation searches)
  • Researching the opportunity prior to signing may save you tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

Some of other activities on behalf of law firm clients have included:

Taking statements from potential witnesses in personal injury files Undertaking specialized searches to determine a chronology of events, and reconstruction of a scenario Undertaking “role-plays” to determine what is really going Providing courtroom quality photographic evidence of objects of interest for exhibits – most recently a series of properties in and around Calgary Surveillance as needed

If It is a Scam - After the fact…

No matter how you proceed on this situation, the first step is to put together what happened, and who the players are. We submit we are by far the most cost effective and thorough source for the initial investigation!


In a dramatic case a number of years ago, Rainbow Investigations investigated a” fake” financial broker, who promoted that she had an office with employees, and who presented that she provided financial services to new businesses. In actual fact there was only the one employee, and there was no financing ever provided. Rainbow Investigations worked alongside the Calgary Police and the subject was charged, convicted, and went into custody for a period of time. It is our understanding that eventually the convicted did pay back some restitution to the victims.

Rainbow Investigations can help Investigate your Investment Opportunity!

Rainbow Investigations Mission Statement

To be an outstanding source of pertinent information about deceptive activities concerning business and/or personal financial or other issues, by means of investigation, research and directed communication.

The information, upon being furnished to our clients, and when appropriate, to legal, and enforcement organizations, can be applied and ultimately make a difference for our clients and for the community as a whole.

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