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Civil Litigation Claims Less Than $100,000
Rainbow Investigations Has Over 21 Years Court Room Experience!

Civil claims such as Construction Litigation, Landlord-tenant, Debts, Promissory Notes, Partnership disputes, Revenue Property issues, Evidence gathering/case preparation / locating another party / formal demand notes, Preparation and Filing the Claim / Serving Other Party Acting as an agent through mediation / interlocutory applications / pre-trial conferences/default judgment hearings / and trial.

The Alberta Court of Justice Act, Section 62 (1) provides for the authority of non-lawyer “agents” to represent clients through the Court of Justice. Rainbow Investigations, through Ron Reinhold, is one of about a dozen such agents in Calgary offering this service.

Rainbow Investigations services are restricted to only the Court of Justice Civil and Traffic Sections.  Paralegals have no authority to provide any service at the Court of King’s Bench level.

Rainbow Investigations has the training and experience in the entire civil litigation process at this level. We also have the respect of much of Calgary’s legal community, who are familiar with what we do. In fact, many of our files here are direct referrals from law offices.

Rainbow Investigations provides a service that the layperson may not be able to get easily or economically through the law office. We are very upfront in telling clients we are paralegals, not lawyers. In situations where there are clear legal issues, we assist the client in finding a suitable lawyer for the trial.

Civil Claims | Rainbow Investigations | Calgary Private Investigator & Paralegal

We cannot advise you whether suing is the best route, as that would be legal advice. However, if you have decided to sue for an amount less than $100,000, Rainbow Investigations will undertake, file and complete the civil claim in a manner that is among the most efficient currently available in Calgary.

Our services here are fully insured, and have been so since 2016.

Fraudulent Bookkeeper | Rainbow Investigations | Calgary Private Investigator & Paralegal

Fraudulent Bookkeeper – in a hotly contested file against a bookkeeper represented by a reputable lawyer, we managed to demonstrate that a bookkeeper forged signatures on Revenue Canada documents, and received a $13,000 judgment.

Real Estate Fraud – we represented two Plaintiffs’ who had provided $20,000 to “real estate investors” who wanted to flip properties to make a profit but had represented that the money went to a conveying lawyer when it did not. We are currently enforcing the judgment. The investors have recently spent time in jail.

Real Estate Fraud | Rainbow Investigations | Calgary Private Investigator & Paralegal
Landlord Tenant Dispute | Rainbow Investigations | Calgary Private Investigator & Paralegal

Landlord-Tenant Dispute – we represented a defendant who had a $12,000 damage lawsuit on her hands upon leaving a rental house. We reduced the damages to about $1800 and saved our client money on costs during the enforcement of the judgment

Damage to Vehicle During Detailing – we successfully sued an auto detailer for full damages + loss of self-employment revenue + costs and collected the entire judgment for our client; all of this as a result of engine damage during auto detailing

Damage Cause by Vehicle Detailing | Rainbow Investigations | Calgary Private Investigator & Paralegal
Dog Breeding Dispute | Rainbow Investigations | Calgary Private Investigator & Paralegal

Dog Breeding Misrepresentation – in a recent trial we were successful in winning a solid judgment against a dog breeder who misrepresented dogs as being purebred, when in fact they were not. This trial involved many issues, and we managed to get our client a judgment of about 3X what he actually paid for the dogs.

Car Accident Liability – we managed to settle and collect fully damages from a car accident 100% in our client’s favour where originally there was a dispute over liability, and both insurance companies initially awarded the liability at 50% each

Vehicle Accident Liability | Rainbow Investigations | Calgary Private Investigator & Paralegal
Construction Litigation | Rainbow Investigations | Calgary Private Investigator & Paralegal

Construction Litigation – a ton of them!

We have successfully obtained judgments for poor renovations in several matters; worked out settlements in numerous other jobs that renovators did not complete; we currently have before the courts many other renovators – some outright fraudulent. In one recent judgment, we were awarded $25,000 + costs for our client, and now have a forwarded our info for a criminal investigation

On another case, our client was a contractor who we felt was in the right, and we managed to get dismissed a claim against him after a 3-day trial. We garnished wages to satisfy the judgment.

Piano Dispute – we won in a trial against an experienced litigation lawyer a dispute of ownership of a piano

Piano Dispute | Rainbow Investigations | Calgary Private Investigator & Paralegal
Landscaping Disputes | Rainbow Investigations | Calgary Private Investigator & Paralegal

Landscaping Non-Payment – we successfully assisted our client to finally get a payment on a project to which they received no funds whatsoever, and which was continually changed by the other party.

Promissory Notes – we successfully collected promissory note debts through court ordered garnishment and collecting on binding mediation agreements

Promissory Note | Rainbow Investigations | Calgary Private Investigator & Paralegal

Rainbow Investigations can help you with your Civil Claims Process!

Rainbow Investigations Mission Statement

To be an outstanding source of pertinent information about deceptive activities concerning business and/or personal financial or other issues, by means of investigation, research and directed communication.

The information, upon being furnished to our clients, and when appropriate, to legal, and enforcement organizations, can be applied and ultimately make a difference for our clients and for the community as a whole.

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