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Rainbow Investigations has been a licensed investigation firm in Alberta since May 2000. Less than half a dozen other firms currently in Alberta have been around as long as we have!

Over this time period, we have had clients not only from Alberta but in fact from all over Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe, and all over North America. Our dedicated repeat client base includes local law firms, and law firms in B.C., Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

Our staff has over 40 years of experience in investigations and includes young “keener’s” with a broad background and very experienced veterans with years of experience in government and associated professional organizations.

Our style is to do the best we can within the parameters of our client’s retainer. But should this not completely solve the matter of issue, and our client wants to put the matter on hold, we hold the file open in case a new development comes along. We have solved some cases years after the client first came to us!

We use all the legally available options to us in order to solve a case! No stone is unturned when we take on a file.

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