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Rainbow Investigations has decades of experience in legal document production both within the law office and for people not utilizing law offices. Many court document formats change occasionally, and we have the absolute latest precedents to work with.

Most people coming to Rainbow Investigations for this service are non-represented parties.

Rainbow Investigations cannot provide you with any legal advice on your matter.

However, if you know what documents are required, and know what you wish to convey, we can assist with the formatting and style of the document.

We have years of experience with all aspects of landlord-tenant matters. We can prepare your rental and lease agreement in a very professional manner. The documentation for an eviction notice must be very specific. Other documents in this area must also be legally correct and specific.

Rainbow Investigations is a cost-effective way for non-represented people to get legal documents.

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We can prepare many types of Legal Documents!

Rainbow Investigations Mission Statement

To be an outstanding source of pertinent information about deceptive activities concerning business and/or personal financial or other issues, by means of investigation, research and directed communication.

The information, upon being furnished to our clients, and when appropriate, to legal, and enforcement organizations, can be applied and ultimately make a difference for our clients and for the community as a whole.

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